Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video + Final Project Presentation

Your presentation video must...
-be approximately 5 minutes in length
-include footage of all group members participating in performance
-have a title and credits
-clearly show us what happened in Union Sq. Park on performance day
-include a voice over statement at the beginning that explains the project and who you all are

Divide into teams of 3: 3 people work on intro statement/voiceover and a plan for final presentation, and 3 people work on editing existing footage.

Think about recurring themes that you can use to tie your footage together (colors, actions, graphics and logos that you designed). Use the project goals that you wrote to help with your intro statement.

Your final presentation will consist of your 5 minute video, and 5 minutes of you introducing yourselves, talking about the project, and showing what you were handing out to people.

A rough cut is due Thursday. We will also go over how to make a DVD in iDVD Thursday.

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