Wednesday, September 3, 2008

final project videos

I Love Pigeons


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Final presentations for SOPIS community

Congratulations to all!
The final SOPIS presentations will be in Kellen Auditorium this Thurs. Aug. 7.
We will meet there at 4pm for refreshments, and the presentations will start at 5pm sharp. Please be there with your group at 4pm to check DVDs, etc.

**Please remember to bring:
- your handouts (books, stickers, etc.)
- your booths
- a quicktime version of your presentation video on CD/DVD
- a mastered DVD version of your presentation video
- a copy of the quicktime version for me to keep on CD/DVD

Thursday, July 31, 2008

National Pigeon Day

Some exciting news... we've been invited to participate in National Pigeon Day next year!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grabbing video from youtube + free sound effects

Website to grab video from youtube:

Free sound effects:

How to Make a DVD

To make a DVD that can play in a consumer DVD player, you need to master it in iDVD.

1. Export a full quality Quicktime file from FCP.
-Go to File>Export>Quicktime Movie.
-Title your exported project.
-Current settings is fine, just make sure that "Make Movie Self Contained" is checked.

2. Open iDVD.

3. Create a new project (make sure the Aspect Ratio is Standard 4:3 or Widescreen, however you shot your footage), and save it in the Movies folder (or your personal folder).

4. Click the Themes button (lower right), and change '6.0 Themes' to 'All' (upper right).

5. Scroll down and choose a theme for your DVD by clicking on it. The longer rectangles are widescreen, so you if you shot standard you need to pick one of the smaller ones. I recommend choosing the Portfolio B&W or Portfolio Color themes -- nice and simple. These directions are specifically for using the Portfolio B&W or Portfolio Color themes.

6. Drag your full quality QuickTime file into the theme window.

7. To adjust the size and shape of the movie button, click on Buttons (lower right). You'll see the shape options at the top, and you can adjust the text label with the options below that. To adjust the picture on the button, click on it once, and move the slider above until you get to the frame you want. This is what people will see in your DVD menu.

8. To move or adjust the title on the top, just click and drag it, or click on the text. Then click on Menu (lower right) to change the font. If you want to make a new one, or an additional one, hit Apple + K on your keyboard.

9. Below the main window are 3 buttons: Motion (man walking), Preview (play button), and Map View (folders). Make sure that Motion is turned off (it should be white, not blue). This keeps the movie in your button from playing, and leaves it on a still frame -- less burn time.

10. Click the Preview button, to see how your DVD will look and sound. Make sure you have the right movie, and everything is working. When you are done, click the Exit button.

11. Check the prefereneces. Go to iDVD-->Preferences. Choose Video Mode: NTSC, and Encoding: Best Quality. Close the dialogue box.

12. Congratulations -- you are ready to burn. Click on the circle to the right of the volume slider, and insert a blank DVD-R DVD (you MUST use DVD-R DVDs). Wait for the computer to get ready, then click burn. Your burn time can take 20 minutes or more, so be prepared to wait. Once it's finished, test your DVD in another computer before you make more. If it works, it's a good idea to make more DVDs right away -- the next one you burn will take about 1/4 of the time, since the file does not need to be encoded again.

**We have a had problems with Fuji DVD-R DVDs in these drives, so I recommend TDK or Memorex. All DVDs are not the same, cheaper is NOT better, buy a known brand.**

Video + Final Project Presentation

Your presentation video must...
-be approximately 5 minutes in length
-include footage of all group members participating in performance
-have a title and credits
-clearly show us what happened in Union Sq. Park on performance day
-include a voice over statement at the beginning that explains the project and who you all are

Divide into teams of 3: 3 people work on intro statement/voiceover and a plan for final presentation, and 3 people work on editing existing footage.

Think about recurring themes that you can use to tie your footage together (colors, actions, graphics and logos that you designed). Use the project goals that you wrote to help with your intro statement.

Your final presentation will consist of your 5 minute video, and 5 minutes of you introducing yourselves, talking about the project, and showing what you were handing out to people.

A rough cut is due Thursday. We will also go over how to make a DVD in iDVD Thursday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Homework due 07.29.08

1. Please post online or print out all of your photos for your group to review.

2. As a group, take a preliminary look at your video footage. Make notes about what you want to use, and what can be discarded. Remember, the final video will be approx. 5 mins.

3. Sign out a video camera for Tues. afternoon's class.

In class on Tues. we are going to cover Final Cut Pro, and start putting together your video presentation.