Thursday, July 31, 2008

National Pigeon Day

Some exciting news... we've been invited to participate in National Pigeon Day next year!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grabbing video from youtube + free sound effects

Website to grab video from youtube:

Free sound effects:

How to Make a DVD

To make a DVD that can play in a consumer DVD player, you need to master it in iDVD.

1. Export a full quality Quicktime file from FCP.
-Go to File>Export>Quicktime Movie.
-Title your exported project.
-Current settings is fine, just make sure that "Make Movie Self Contained" is checked.

2. Open iDVD.

3. Create a new project (make sure the Aspect Ratio is Standard 4:3 or Widescreen, however you shot your footage), and save it in the Movies folder (or your personal folder).

4. Click the Themes button (lower right), and change '6.0 Themes' to 'All' (upper right).

5. Scroll down and choose a theme for your DVD by clicking on it. The longer rectangles are widescreen, so you if you shot standard you need to pick one of the smaller ones. I recommend choosing the Portfolio B&W or Portfolio Color themes -- nice and simple. These directions are specifically for using the Portfolio B&W or Portfolio Color themes.

6. Drag your full quality QuickTime file into the theme window.

7. To adjust the size and shape of the movie button, click on Buttons (lower right). You'll see the shape options at the top, and you can adjust the text label with the options below that. To adjust the picture on the button, click on it once, and move the slider above until you get to the frame you want. This is what people will see in your DVD menu.

8. To move or adjust the title on the top, just click and drag it, or click on the text. Then click on Menu (lower right) to change the font. If you want to make a new one, or an additional one, hit Apple + K on your keyboard.

9. Below the main window are 3 buttons: Motion (man walking), Preview (play button), and Map View (folders). Make sure that Motion is turned off (it should be white, not blue). This keeps the movie in your button from playing, and leaves it on a still frame -- less burn time.

10. Click the Preview button, to see how your DVD will look and sound. Make sure you have the right movie, and everything is working. When you are done, click the Exit button.

11. Check the prefereneces. Go to iDVD-->Preferences. Choose Video Mode: NTSC, and Encoding: Best Quality. Close the dialogue box.

12. Congratulations -- you are ready to burn. Click on the circle to the right of the volume slider, and insert a blank DVD-R DVD (you MUST use DVD-R DVDs). Wait for the computer to get ready, then click burn. Your burn time can take 20 minutes or more, so be prepared to wait. Once it's finished, test your DVD in another computer before you make more. If it works, it's a good idea to make more DVDs right away -- the next one you burn will take about 1/4 of the time, since the file does not need to be encoded again.

**We have a had problems with Fuji DVD-R DVDs in these drives, so I recommend TDK or Memorex. All DVDs are not the same, cheaper is NOT better, buy a known brand.**

Video + Final Project Presentation

Your presentation video must...
-be approximately 5 minutes in length
-include footage of all group members participating in performance
-have a title and credits
-clearly show us what happened in Union Sq. Park on performance day
-include a voice over statement at the beginning that explains the project and who you all are

Divide into teams of 3: 3 people work on intro statement/voiceover and a plan for final presentation, and 3 people work on editing existing footage.

Think about recurring themes that you can use to tie your footage together (colors, actions, graphics and logos that you designed). Use the project goals that you wrote to help with your intro statement.

Your final presentation will consist of your 5 minute video, and 5 minutes of you introducing yourselves, talking about the project, and showing what you were handing out to people.

A rough cut is due Thursday. We will also go over how to make a DVD in iDVD Thursday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Homework due 07.29.08

1. Please post online or print out all of your photos for your group to review.

2. As a group, take a preliminary look at your video footage. Make notes about what you want to use, and what can be discarded. Remember, the final video will be approx. 5 mins.

3. Sign out a video camera for Tues. afternoon's class.

In class on Tues. we are going to cover Final Cut Pro, and start putting together your video presentation.

Pigeon Performance in Union Sq. Park 07.25.08

The performance was a great success! To see photos, click here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pigeon Performance POSTPONED!

After checking numerous weather reports, it looks like it will be rain and thunderstorms all day. We are officially rescheduling the performance to Friday 07.24 from 4:30-6:45. I hope you can all still make it!

Guest critics: If you can't make it tomorrow we'll manage, just let me know.

Students: All of your booth materials need to be moved this afternoon from room 802 to Anne Gaines' office. Please meet me in room 802 at 4pm this afternoon to carry everything downstairs. Also, all of your video equipment still needs to be picked up today from 55 West 13th St. 9th floor, and is due back tomorrow at 7pm -- you'll need to return it immediately after the performance.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Outcomes

Group 1
Here are our hopes of what we want the people we see on Thursday to go away with!
- That the kids understand that pigeons are not dangerous animals.
- To be happy about having experienced some playfull activities
regarding pigeons.
- That pigeons are both interesting and harmless birds!
- To make both kids and parents positive and more open towards accepting
- To prevent kids and parents from hurting or treating the pigeons bad.
- And most important of all, we want the kids and parents to walk away

Group 2
We want people to:
- Realize that Pigeons are Cool.
- Learn some interesting facts that they never knew before.
- Know that pigeons are not dangerous and don’t carry disease.
- Think how meaningful they can be… save lives, inspiration to many people.
- Reconsider they previous thinking about pigeons.
- Show that there are people that care about the pigeons and found them exciting.
- Get some resources with information they can look after they leave the booth.

Openings this weekend for possible interviews


Bushwick (7-10) AD HOC ART 49 Bogart St: "5 Identities, 5
Destinations" with Jenn Porreca, Amy Crehore, Molly Crabapple, Ewelina
Ferruso & Lizz Lopez

Williamsburg (6-9) THE ERRANT GARRISON 166 N 12: Tryn Collins and Mary
Hill "This Horse Is Confused"

Williamsburg (6:30-10) * * * LIKE THE SPICE 224 Roebling St: "Forming
Lines: Translations Between Drawing and Sculpture" with Rachel Beach,
Seth Cohen, Beka Goedde, Abby Goodman, Dean Goelz, Barry Hazard, Allie
Rex, Marc André Robinson, Rodger Stevens, Kathleen Vance.


Bushwick (7-12, RSVP: ) THIRD WARD 195 Morgan Ave:
"Good Wood 2008- Give Back" curated by Aww Sweet & Alldaybuffet with
Mike Perry, Fernanda Cohen, Nathan Fox, Keetra Dixon, Jeremy Traum,
John Breiner, and Unplate; Donald Kilpatrick III, Leo Espinosa, Serge
Gay Jr., Matt Gordon and international talent (Jakob Printzlau, aka
"Plastic Kid" and the front man of The Fashion) ; Chuck Anderson (No
Pattern) and Ryan Katrina (Neuarmy), Andrew Davis.

Noho (6-9) WERKSTATTE GALLERY 55 Great Jones St: "Glass Houses"
curated by Eddie Martinez with Derek Aylward, Patrick Brennan, John
Copeland, Denise Kupferschmidt, Liz Markus, Samantha Moyer, Sara
Murphy, Ryan Schneider, Jade Townsend

Upper East (6-8) * * * PRAXIS 25 E 73: "ColorĂ­n Colorado..." with
Alejandra Villasmil, Blanka Amezkua, Maria Berrio, Patricia Cazorla
and Sol Aramendi


Bushwick (6-10) * * * VAUDEVILLE PARK 26 Bushwick Ave (at DeVoe):
"Dream Tigers" curated by Brian Zegeer with Eric Ayotte, Reed Barrow,
John Bianchi, Maya Brym, Elizabeth Cooper, Allen Cordell, Claire
Corey, Rachel Frank, Will Gabaldon, Siobhan McBride, Andrew Prayzner,
Naomi Reis

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pigeon performance/intervention this Thursday

The great Parsons pigeon performance/intervention is this Thursday 07.24.08 in Union Square Park, south side, from 4:30-6:50pm.

Please come by! There will be free t-shirts, stickers, candy and other great stuff, along with stimulating pigeon conversation.

-Image from:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homework due 07.22.07

1. Continue working on booth and handouts.
2. As a group come up with 6 questions that you might be asked while working on your booth, and 6 responses. Be prepared to present in class on Tuesday.
3. Go to Erin Lee's website, and check out her work. She will be a guest speaker in our class on Tuesday, speaking about all of her work and what it is like to do performance projects.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homework due 07.17.08

07.17.08 is an in-class work day. Bring any materials you need to continue working on the performance (booth, handouts) to class, and be prepared to present your progress to the class. At this point you should have a clear picture of what the performance will be, what you will be handing out, and what your booth will look like.

guest speaker Cynthia Lawson

Today at 4:30 Cynthia Lawson is speaking to the SOPIS program at Kellen Auditorium, 66 5th Ave. ground floor.

Cynthia is an artist, educator, & technologist. Cynthia is currently
Assistant Professor of the Integrated Design Curriculum at Parsons
The New School for Design in New York City.

Additionally she has traveled in Latin America and Japan to teach
courses and workshops. Her artwork has been exhibited and performed nationally and internationally, including The Modern Museum of Art (Bogota, Colombia), Exit Art Gallery, Macy Gallery, NY Arts Space, HEREart, UCLA Hammer Museum, CalArts, and RISD, amongst others. She has published and presented papers on electronic poetry, educational technology, and interdisciplinary design at various conferences and festivals worldwide. Cynthia holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, and an MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.

To learn more about what Cynthia is doing, visit her website at:

In this lecture Cynthia will present on her recent project:
In June 2008 she traveled with 13 students and 2 faculty from The New School to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala to work with the women's artisan association "Ajkem'a Loy'a," in partnership with CARE. Cynthia's presentation will present this project as a case study for humanitarian design, addressing the tremendous opportunities, and challenges, that today's designers face when working in developing countries.
For more information on the project, visit its blog at:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homework due 07.15.08

1. Mockups of all 3 of your handouts (colors, fonts, paint + cookie supplies, etc.).

2. Detailed drawing of your booth.

3. Email 3 paragraph statements to Matthew.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pigeon Map Photos

To see photos of the giant Union Square pigeon map, click here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Thursday we are taking a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the Murakami exhibit. We have a guided tour that starts promptly at 3:30pm. Give yourself an hour to get to the museum on time. I will already be at the museum, and will meet you just inside the main entrance.

Directions by subway:
Take the 2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum. Click here for a map and detailed directions.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Homework due 07.10.08

With your team, write a three (or more) paragraph plan for your final project.
Describe your booth and the handouts your team will be giving away.
Be prepared to present your writing in class.

Framing the Final Project: "Talk to Me About Pigeons"

This American Life: 'Talk to an Iraqi' Booth Project

Part 1

Part 2

SOPIS Final Projects
Your final project will be modeled on the 'Talk to an Iraqi' booth, but instead of focusing on Iraq, your topic is pigeons. You will be doing a one day performance in Union Square park on Thursday July 24 during class time (4-6:50). You will need to build a temporary booth and design posters, flyers, t-shirts and/or artwork to give away to people that pass by. Your handouts will include little-known pigeon facts, and resources for people to learn more about pigeons. You can also include information on the politics of feeding pigeons and pigeon population control -- hot topics here in New York City, as you know. We have been studying pigeons since the first day of class, this performance should utilize all of the information you have learned.

Each team member must take a turn manning the booth and interacting with people. You must prepare in advance to clearly answer questions about pigeons and the materials you are handing out.

Each team member must also do some video taping, to document the performance. Afterwards, we will edit the video along with photos and other documentation into an organized presentation. This final presentation will be shown to visiting artists and the SOPIS community at the end of the semester.

Team 1
Soon Ji

Team 2
Jo Un
Yu Jin

Steven Lam talk + suggestions

Steven Lam's website:

David Byrne's "Playing the Building":

Galleries in Chelsea:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spray Booth + Homework due 07.07.08

1. Finish pigeon t-shirts and bring to class.
Spray Booth: 25 E. 13th St., 4th floor.

2. Prepare materials from field trip to Hoboken with your team (print out photos, organize your data, prepare to present in class).

3. Read the following article on pigeons in Staten Island (including the first 13 comments):

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Homework due 07.03.08

1. Get the following supplies:

-several T-shirts (Big D on 14th St. between 5th and 6th Aves., middle of the street, south side)

-Xacto knife and blades, #11 and #16

-18 x 24 pad of white drawing paper (this was on your original supply list)

-tracing paper

-brown kraft paper (whoever has it from the map project, please bring it in)

-black sharpie marker

-drafting tape

2. Make your drawing to scale, i.e. the size that you want it to be on your T-shirt.